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Sometimes instances occur where tooth extractions are necessary, such as with severe tooth pain and decay, if trauma occurred, or if wisdom teeth are endangering your health. Pulling a tooth is never our first solution, except generally for wisdom teeth removal, but if we conclude that your tooth is too damaged or decayed to save, we will recommend an extraction. Tooth extractions can either be simple or surgical, and we have the training and expertise to discern the best treatment plan for your situation. We also use modern techniques and integrate sedation to ensure your tooth extractions are safe and comfortable.

Reasons a Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Tooth pain is often the underlying cause that drives patients to visit our office. Tooth pain involving a decayed or damaged tooth can be accompanied by tender or bleeding gums, jaw pain, or general discomfort when biting or chewing. In the case of wisdom teeth, removing them halts pain and also protects existing teeth. If you have experienced oral trauma, untreated cavities, or gum disease, tooth extractions not only relieve pain, but can keep the rest of your teeth and gums healthy.

From Tooth Extractions to Dental Implants

Tooth extractions may be a last resort, but they can also be one step toward a final, healthier, and stronger alternative to a decayed or damaged tooth. Dental implants permanently replace one or more teeth in a way that mimics virtually all of the function of a natural tooth. Designed to look natural and last a lifetime, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that maintains the health and strength of your jaw bone. We use only the highest quality dental crowns to restore your dental implants, applying our artistic expertise in the design to ensure they fit correctly and blend harmoniously into your existing smile. When fully restored, your new tooth will act, feel, and operate nearly identical to that of a healthy and natural tooth!

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