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Scalpel-Free, Drill-Free Laser Dentistry

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Minimally Invasive, Comfortable, Pain-Free

Laser dentistry is perhaps one of the most advantageous dental care options we provide our patients. In addition to being much less invasive, scalpel and drill-free dental lasers help patients with dental anxiety receive care without needing sedation. Laser dentistry also enables us to carry out more complex procedures, such as a gingivectomy, without causing discomfort or inconvenience for patients. We have acquired a soft tissue dental laser for cosmetic treatments, and our team is trained and certified in laser dentistry for a variety of cosmetic and functional services. Utilizing these dental lasers, our soft tissue treatments are minimally invasive, incredibly comfortable, and virtually pain-free!

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“What lasers offers patients, in many instances is a more conservative approach than a traditional surgical procedure.”
Kevin Guze DMD

What laser dentistry treatments are available?

  • Gingivectomy

    Gum disease leads to the deterioration of your gums and jaw bone, sometimes resulting in tooth loss. We use dental lasers to eradicate the bacteria harboring under the gum line and encourage regeneration of the health soft tissue.

  • Frenectomy

    The frenulum, or the soft tissue that connects the upper lip and tongue to the mouth, sometimes can restrict necessary movement. We gently remove a portion of this tissue to allow for more motion of the lip and tongue for breastfeeding, speaking, and eating.

  • Ulcer

    Ulcers, or canker sores, inside the mouth and cold sores around the mouth, though quite different, both cause pain and discomfort. We vaporize the virus, which halts the development or quickly heals the area and greatly decreases the chances of its return.

  • Tooth

    Tooth enamel that is worn down allows for more extreme temperatures to infiltrate past the enamel and reach the nerves inside, causing sharp and sudden pain. We restore this lost barrier on the tooth surface with dental lasers to reduce sensitivity and pain.

  • Crown

    Too much gum tissue covering the surface of teeth can be both unattractive and increase risk for bacteria building up underneath. We carefully reshape and arch the gums around the teeth to improve aesthetic and access areas that need treatment.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Do you fear dental treatment, or are you worried about following through with treatment involving scalpels or drills? Laser dentistry remedies all these concerns because of how gently and precisely we can perform treatments. A child’s frenectomy or your gingivectomy or gummy smile treatment can all be completed efficiently and comfortably, and depending on the type of procedure, in a matter of minutes. Dental lasers also sterilize infected areas and help create healthy blood clots that lead to faster and more effective healing at the treatment site. Most patients who receive laser dentistry services at our office report no pain during the procedure and an almost immediate return to normal activities after treatment is complete!

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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Kendall's Experience With Laser Dentistry

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