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Rebuild Function with a Complete Smile Makeover

Teeth play an important functional role in your smile—much more than providing aesthetics—and this becomes apparent when many or all teeth are decaying, failing, or missing. Without healthy teeth, daily activities such as eating, speaking, or smiling become nearly impossible. We specialize in full mouth reconstruction, a comprehensive series of smile makeover procedures that rebuild the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone. Our expertise in executing all facets of full mouth reconstruction combines artistry, technical detail, and modern technology to produce stunning new smiles that fully restore your oral health. We personalize our full mouth reconstruction treatments to each patient, an approach that assures the most brilliant and functional outcomes for the unique needs of your own smile, no matter your current oral health condition.

dr kevin guze Wilton ME

“Our goal is to use the latest data and evidence that we have available to us to re-create their bite, we call that function. But at the same time we create an aesthetic profile for them.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Restoring Health and Beauty from the Ground Up

A functioning smile relies on the health of all of its components, including bone, teeth, and gums. Our full mouth reconstruction process begins from the ground up, reestablishing proper bone and gum health before moving on to restore teeth with dental implants or other options. Aesthetic considerations begin from day one as well, and are carefully factored into every functional procedure. Much like a puzzle we must solve, our treatment plan is tailored to come together perfectly in the end, resolving all health, functional, and aesthetic issues by the conclusion of your treatment. When restored, this comprehensive smile makeover process provides you with a healthy, fully functional smile that balances beautifully and harmoniously with your face as a whole!

What Happens After Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The oral health, function, and beauty characteristic of a complete full mouth reconstruction is virtually unrivaled when compared to any other comprehensive dental treatment we offer. With this smile makeover reconstructing all components of your smile, eating and chewing is vastly improved, clarity of speech is restored, and the attractiveness of your teeth are enhanced. Best of all, full mouth reconstruction treatment provides a significant improvement in your self-confidence and wellbeing! Once your new smile is complete, you can care for and use your teeth just like you would natural teeth. We may also schedule follow-up appointments as necessary to ensure that your new smile is functioning correctly.

Does your smile need full rehabilitation?

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