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Optimal Function, Comfort, and Health.

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Training and Expertise in Full Arch Dental Implants

If you are living with multiple missing teeth or have lost all your teeth, you may think the possibility of restoring any of the original function and beauty of your smile is improbable or even impossible. This is not the case! Thanks to dental implants, we can permanently transform your smile from failing to fully functional with full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures. The long-term oral health, functional, and aesthetic benefits of full arch dental implants are unrivaled when compared with any other restorative option, including modern dentures. We have expertise in all facets of implant dentistry and hold advanced training in guided surgical technology, with a track record of successful and transformative restorative results. Under our care, you will receive the highest quality treatment, resulting in beautiful new teeth that provide optimal function, comfort, and health.

dr kevin guze Wilton ME

“With the advent of implantology we now have the ability to provide patients with fixed teeth. That is teeth that for the most part look, feel and function like real teeth within a day.”
Kevin Guze DMD


Full arch dental implants begin with four to six dental implants surgically placed in the jaw bone. A full arch prosthesis is anchored permanently onto these dental implants, producing strength and stability incomparable to anything other than a full set of normal and healthy teeth! If your teeth are failing or you have total tooth loss, full arch dental implants are one of the greatest restorative options you can give your smile and your health.

  • Reestablish Oral Function

    Dental implants placed in the jaw stimulate the bone and disperse biting and chewing force evenly, enabling you to enjoy eating tough, hard, or sticky foods without discomfort or worry. Full arch dental implants are fixed in place, and will not loosen, shift, or fall out while you eat, speak, or laugh.

  • Restore Smile Aesthetics

    Full arch dental implants utilize a full arch prosthesis made from high quality, natural-looking materials and are completely customized to your facial shape and smile. Artificial teeth are cushioned by natural-looking gums, and are straight and white, and stain resistant, though they should be cared for like natural teeth.

  • Long-Lasting Health Benefits

    Reestablished oral function means you can chew and digest food correctly, which greatly increases your body’s ability to collect the proper nutrition you need to stay healthy. Full arch dental implants also help you remain in better oral health, reducing your risk for digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke or cancer.

Implant Supported Dentures Add Stability to Your Smile

Patients who wear traditional dentures can stabilize their smile with implant supported dentures, an alternative that takes advantage of dental implants secured in the jaw bone. While traditional dentures rest on the gums, implant supported dentures are snapped onto two or more dental implants. This not only increases biting and chewing power, but provides healthy stimulation to the jaw bone and keeps the denture stabilized during everyday functions, including speaking and smiling. With this increased support from the dental implants, you can live a worry-free life and enjoy a beautiful, stable smile for years to come!

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