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Safe Bone Grafting from Highly Trained Experts

Natural teeth help keep the jaw bone healthy and strong, and without them the bone will shrink and weaken. Bone grafting refers to a variety of techniques used to restore the density and volume of the jaw bone after gum disease or one or more teeth have been lost. If too much bone resorbs, replacing missing teeth with dental implants will not be possible without bone grafting. Our skilled team, including a board-certified periodontist, is experienced in these procedures that successfully restore lost bone in the jaw. Using modern techniques and technology, high-quality grafting materials, and sedation, we provide safe bone grafting treatments, including sinus lift procedures, to prepare your jaw bone for dental implants.

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“We have excellent long term studies that demonstrate wonderful results with bone graft that we know will last and provide the support for the implants.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Aesthetically-Driven Bone Grafting Techniques

Dental implants are the only permanent option for replacing one or more missing teeth, providing the most natural appearance, functional improvements, and health benefits of any restorative solution available. Our expertise in bone grafting helps us determine the type of procedures your bone requires for the successful placement of dental implants. With the appropriate grafting procedures, we can regenerate bone and restore proper width and height to the area with the most aesthetically-driven and functional results. After bone grafting, your jaw bone ridge will be even, strong, and wide enough to securely support single or full arch dental implants.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Strengthens the jaw bone
  • Restores bone height and width
  • Improves facial appearance
  • Allows for dental implants
  • Stops drifting of existing teeth

Our Bone Grafting Procedures

Your bone grafting procedure depends on the location and extent of your tooth and bone loss. If teeth are lost in the upper back part of the jaw, both bone loss and sinking of the sinus cavity occurs. Grafting to this area is called a sinus lift, which adds grafting material underneath the cavity to create enough supportive bone structure. Directly or soon after a tooth extraction, we perform a ridge preservation procedure by placing bone grafting material at the site of the extraction or in the socket itself to preserve the bone for future restorations like dental implants.

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Is jaw bone loss keeping you from dental implants?

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