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What are DIY Veneers?

November 16, 2017

patient talking to dentist at dental officeDo it yourself life hacks are extremely popular, but what about DIY dentistry? From store bought teeth whitening to complete orthodontic care from the comfort of home, it seems dentistry has officially entered the DIY age. In most cases, your dentist will tell you DIY dental treatments are not advisable. However, there are some DIY dental treatments that offer some benefits. One option that is gaining in popularity right now is the DIY veneer. Traditional porcelain veneers are crafted using tooth-colored dental grade porcelain that is permanently cemented to the front surfaces of teeth to conceal numerous cosmetic flaws. DIY veneers offer similar results, but you never have to set foot in your local dental practice. Keep reading to find out how they work and whether or not you should consider DIY porcelain veneers or opt for professional cosmetic dentistry.

Do DIY Veneers Work?

Actually, they do – for a while. The process is simple. A DIY veneer company will send you bite molds. You’ll use these molds to capture imprints of your smile. Then, you return the mold to the veneer company where they’ll be used to create a veneer. You’ll receive the veneers in a few weeks with instructions regarding how to affix the temporary porcelain veneer. Once in place, your DIY veneer will transform your smile.

How Long do DIY Veneers Last?

Unfortunately, DIY veneers typically only stay in place for about 24 hours. Then, you’ll need to remove the veneer and follow the instructions to get the adhesive off your teeth. You can reorder these DIY veneers, but repeated usage may lead to unintentional tooth damage.

Should I Consider DIY Veneers?

If you want to brighten, straighten, or otherwise perfect your smile, DIY veneers may be a good temporary treatment option. For a photo shoot, special event, or function where you want to look your very best, a temporary DIY veneer may be a great, cost-effective solution.

Meet Dr. Pastor

At the Wilton dental office of Tom Pastor, DDS, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to perfect dental flaws and leave patients with gorgeous, healthy smile. Before you proceed with DIY veneers, we recommend you visit our team for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. For some patients, a DIY veneer is adequate, but other patients should consider a more permanent solution. At Tyngtown Dental, we offer Wilton dental patients professional porcelain veneers. Call our team to find out more or schedule an appointment with our team.

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