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Dentist in Wilton: Tips to Improve Your Dental Routine

February 13, 2017

Maximize your dental routine with tips from your dentist in Wilton, Dr. Tom Pastor. Small changes pay big benefits for healthy gums and teeth.

You have the good habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily as well. That’s great because those routines remove the bacteria-laden plaque that forms from what you eat and drink. In fact, the American Dental Association says brushing and flossing are your best at-home protections against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. But, are there other things you can do to maximize your dental routine. Dentist in Wilton, Dr. Tom Pastor of Tyngtown Dental, says even small changes to your time at the bathroom sink help keep your smile healthy and bright for years.

Oral Hygiene is not Complicated

Consistent oral health care counts. So, pick your favorite toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and flossing product and apply them diligently. Also, your Wilton dentist encourages you to think out of the box and add just a few things to your regular routine. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Brush your tongue. When you’ve finished brushing your teeth, continue on to your tongue. Its bumpy surface holds a lot of harmful bacteria and is a source of bad breath. Just be gentle, and don’t gag yourself as you clean this soft tissue.
  2. Don’t neglect the tongue-side surfaces of your teeth. The front sides show and the chewing surfaces need attention because they hold plaque, but people often forget those inside surfaces.
  3. Use mouthwash. Select a variety without alcohol so you don’t dry your mouth. Mouthwash further reduces plaque and bacteria and freshens breath.
  4. Change your toothbrush every two months. Toothbrushes wear out more quickly than you may think. Additionally, get a new brush after the flu or acold.
  5. Take a toothbrush and floss with you to work or school. If you have easy access to a clean sink, brush and floss during the day after lunch or your coffee break. After all, harmful oral bacteria are at work in your mouth 24 hours a day.
  6. Drink plenty of water. Recommendations vary, but adding any amount of extra water throughout the day washes your teeth and gums clean and stimulates the production of saliva. Your saliva contains beneficial enzymes which aid digestion and provide an important antibacterial element to your mouth, Also, water is a great alternative to sugary soda pop and sports drinks.
  7. Eat well. Instead of reaching for starches and processed sugars, increase your intake of fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean proteins. Your bone structure, teeth and gums will be stronger and healthier, and so will the rest of you.
  8. Wear your mouthguard if you are a tooth grinder, have TMJ Dysfunction or play sports. Protecting and cushioning your tooth enamel translates to fewer traumatic and wear and tear injuries.

Keep Your Dental Appointments

When you come to Tyngtown Dental for your six-month cleaning and check-up, be sure to schedule your next one. In-office preventive care partners with what you do at home on a daily basis. When you see Dr. Pastor, ask him for more ways to improve your daily oral health routine.

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