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Teeth Whitening in Wilton – Bleaching at Home

July 21, 2016

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Learn more about teeth whitening in Wilton.What does your smile say about you? Does your smile convey a confident first impression? Did you know that it’s one of the first things people notice about you? One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to improve the appearance of your smile is to whiten your teeth. Here’s some more information about teeth whitening in Wilton and bleaching your teeth at home.

How Does Take-Home Whitening Work?

Take-home whitening allows you to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home, based on your own schedule. Your dental provider will take impressions of your teeth and make a mold, which they will use to create custom fit clear plastic bleach trays. You’ll come into the office to have your trays fitted, receive instruction on how to properly use your trays and receive your whitening gel. Your dentist can recommend the right strength gel for you based on how sensitive your teeth typically are.

After you receive your trays you can whiten your teeth at home whenever you like. At first you may want to whiten every day or every other day for a couple of weeks to achieve the desired results. Once you’re happy with the shade of your teeth you can use the trays to update your smile whenever you like. You can always purchase more gel from your dental office.

Professional Whitening vs Over-the-Counter

It may seem more cost effective to purchase a whitening system from your local grocery or drug store, however there are many benefits to using the professional whitening system that your dentist provides. First, your dentist has access to much stronger whitening gel than your local drug store. This means that it won’t take as long to achieve your desired results.

Next, your dentist will make custom fitted trays and show you how to use them in order to protect your gum tissue, cheeks and lips from injury. Whitening systems purchased at the store are not customized and may be ill fitting and hard to work with, which means excess gel may hurt your gum tissue.

It’s always best to whiten your teeth under the supervision of your dental provider in case you experience any issues with sensitivity. Your dentist can answer any questions you may have during the whitening process and help you achieve your goals for your smile in a timely and safe manner.

At Tyngtown Dental, we’re here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to whiten your teeth, or perhaps you’ve considered making other improvements to your smile, Dr. Tom Pastor and his highly skilled team have got you covered. Contact our office today to learn more about teeth whitening and our other cosmetic services.

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