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What’s the role of a restorative dentist?

April 1, 2016

restorative dentist wiltonRestorative dentistry — you’ll probably need it at some time or another. No matter how well you care for your teeth, even the best of us can be affected by tooth decay or damage. When it happens to you, you’ll feel confident knowing the team at Tyngtown Dental is on your side with a team of dedicated, experienced and passionate restorative dentists. Keep reading to learn what exactly a restorative dentist in Wilton does, and how you’ll benefit from our wonderful care!

Restorative Dentistry Gets Your Smile Back on Track

If you’ve got pain or another problem in one of your teeth, don’t wait to seek treatment. Toothaches and other issues don’t go away on their own — and fixing them are crucial for maintaining healthy, strong teeth for a lifetime. At Tyngtown Dental, we’ve got a number of restorative services are available to help you enjoy stronger teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown can restore the strength and improve the appearance of a severely decayed or damaged tooth. A thin, tooth-shaped covering, the dental crown fits right over the affected tooth to hold together its parts or strengthen it from further damage. Dental crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of oddly-shaped or severely discolored teeth that have not responded to teeth whitening.

Dental Bridges

When one or several teeth have been lost, replacement is crucial for good oral and overall health. A dental bridge gives you back your teeth by creating a literal bridge over the gap left by tooth loss. The teeth surrounding the space are used as anchors, with a dental crown attached to each one — and the prosthetic teeth filling in the area between.

Root Canal Treatment

In instances of serious decay, our goal is to save your natural tooth whenever possible. Sometimes, a root canal treatment is the best way to prevent extraction. It’s a relatively simple procedure with a bad reputation — but anyone who’s ever had a root canal treatment will probably tell you it’s well worth it to relieve the pain of the originally aching tooth.


When the natural tooth cannot be saved, or if a tooth presents a major problem (like with impacted or infected wisdom teeth) extraction may be the best option for relieving your pain and helping you smile carefree once again.

Dentures and Partials

At Tyngtown Dental, we can replace several or a whole row of missing teeth with dentures and partial dentures. The prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored base, and can be secured by suction, a denture adhesive or by dental implants. Dentures have helped so many patients enjoy the ability to eat, speak and smile once again.

You Can Benefit From Restorative Dentistry in Wilton

Don’t wait to seek the restorative dental care you need — your oral health depends on the quick, effective repair of damaged teeth. Contact Tyngtown Dental to schedule your appointment today!

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