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Bad breath getting you down? Fix it in five easy steps!

February 3, 2016

dentist wiltonWe all suffer from bad breath occasionally, but chronic, everyday mouth odor? That’s a different story — and it’s one you’re telling every time you open your mouth. But the good news is you don’t have to live with dragon breath this month, or ever again. Listen to your dentist in Wilton’s advice and you’ll be breathing fresh air in no time. Dr. Fontillas and Dr. Hornung have listed their top five tips below!

Top five tips for fresher breath in 2016

Commit these tips to memory and your breath will smell fresh as the mountain breeze, fresh linen, honey dew… or just good, once again.

#1: Brush your teeth

It seems obvious, but Dr. Fontillas says far too many adults skip this crucial step — and then they wonder why they struggle with bad breath. Brushing your teeth is the number one way to remove the bacteria that cause mouth odors, so make sure you’re not skipping out. Brush for two minutes, ideally after breakfast and before bed, each day. And if you struggle with really bad breath, more frequent brushing is a good idea.

#2: …and your tongue!

While you’re brushing your teeth, don’t forget about your tongue. It can harbor just as much bacteria as your gums, so make sure you’re giving it some cleaning attention, too. Brush it gently in soft circles and you’ll notice more pleasant breath.

#3: Don’t forget the floss

In the battle against bad breath, you absolutely must floss, says Dr. Hornung. It’s not an extra, optional step — it’s a necessary part of good oral hygiene. If you want proof, try this: roll your used floss up into a ball and smell it the next time you’ve skipped a few days. That haunting odor is the cumulation of bacteria you’re letting multiply in your mouth when you don’t floss… so remove it every single day!

#4: Stay hydrated

Because saliva rinses bacteria and odor-offenders away, dry mouth can also be a major cause of bad breath. Help your mouth’s self-cleanser work by staying hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water and chewing on sugar-free gum can help.

#5: Visit the dentist regularly

Decay and infection are also major causes of bad breath, so don’t skip out on your twice annual visits to Tyng Town Dental! These checkups and cleanings remove the plaque and tartar that cause bad breath, and allow your dentist in East Wilson to catch the signs of gum disease or decay early, before they cause serious problems.

If it’s been more than six months since you last visited the dentist, what are you waiting for? Request your appointment online today!

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