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Wilton dental crowns & bridges restore gapped smiles

January 1, 2016

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Worcester dental crownsWilton dental crowns and bridges restore function and beauty to smiles with failing or missing teeth. Read about the basics of these reliable replacement options.

Missing or failing teeth affect more than appearance. Remaining teeth drift and weaken without having neighbors in place. The jaw bone loses its size and density.  Plus, chewing and speaking suffer. Drs. Khristy Fontillas and Daria Hornung of Tyngtown Dental in Wilton use dental crowns and bridges to restore smiles to best function and aesthetics.

What is a Wilton dental crown?

A dental crown, or cap, covers remaining healthy tooth structure after root canal therapy or after removal of large fillings or extensive decay. Life-like and strong, crowns are custom-made at an outside dental lab according to impressions and the doctor’s detailed instructions.

After comfortable enamel preparation, the dentist often places a temporary crown so the individual can chew normally and not be self-conscious about his or her appearance. In a week or so, the dentist cements the new, permanent crown into place and carefully checks fit, appearance and bite.  Crowns may be used to cover dental implants, too.

Materials used to fabricate dental crowns include:

  • gold ( Often used on back teeth, this is the strongest material available.)
  • metal alloy and porcelain
  • porcelain (This is the most realistic and beautiful material.)

Wwilton dental crowns last 10 years or more when patients brush 2 times a day,  floss daily and get their semi-annual check-ups and cleanings with Dr. Fontillas or Dr. Hornung.

What is a Wilton dental bridge?

A dental bridge spans a gap between 2 healthy teeth. The appliance holds one or more tooth replacements. There are 3 types of dental bridges:

  • traditional, which is anchored by dental crowns on neighboring teeth
  • cantilevered, which is supported by a crown on just one side of the prosthetic
  • Maryland, in which the false teeth are mounted on a metal frame which is bonded to adjacent teeth

Most dentists and patients opt for the traditional bridge because of its strength. Sometimes, a patient is a good candidate for implantsupported bridgework. In this situation, the dentists at Tyngtown Dental refer the individual to a dentist who specializes in dental implants, and Dr. Fontillas or Dr. Hornung craft and place the Wilton crowns or bridge.

As with dental crowns, bridges last a long time–10 to 15 years and beyond with twice daily brushing and once a day flossing. Six-month examinations and hygienic cleaning optimize oral health and extend the lifespan of these traditional prosthetics.

Are crowns or bridges right for you?

Patients report increased self-confidence and normalized oral function with their crowns or bridgework in place. Why not trust the expertise of the professional team at Tyngtown Dental to help you decide if dental crowns or bridges would help your smile? Contact the Wilton office today to arrange an appointment.

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