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Importance of Dental Checkups with Dentist in Wilton

December 15, 2015

dentist worcesterSome things in life are optional — like shoes at the beach, or sugar in your morning coffee. But you know what’s not a personal choice? Maintaining your twice annual dental cleaning and exam at Tyngtown Dental. It’s a vital step to enjoying excellent oral health, and something that you really shouldn’t ignore. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of regular checkups and cleanings from your dentist in Wilton.

Your Wilton Dentist Cares About Prevention

Every excellent dentist knows the foundation of a health mouth is solid preventive care. That’s why at Tyngtown Dental we are focused on stopping problems before they start by emphasizing your regular visits to our Wilton office.

When you stay on top of your six month visits, it gives us the chance to check for the small signs of much larger problems… like those found in the following scenarios.

“My teeth have been more sensitive than usual lately.”

Your twice annual dental checkup is when your Wilton dentist checks to make sure that everything is as it should be with your gum health. Increased tooth sensitivity, as well as bleeding and swollen, tender gums, can signify gum disease — a condition that affects around 75 percent of Americans. Early diagnosis is crucial to successful treatment, Dr. Fontillas reminds us. Let your dentist help you maintain your periodontal health at your six month checkups.

“This tooth in the back hurts when I bite down on it.”

One of the main goals of any dental exam is checking for signs of tooth decay, says Dr. Hornung. Unfortunately, too many adults wait until they’re already experiencing pain to schedule an appointment. Break the cycle and help your Wilton dentist fix cavities while they’re small at your six month dental checkup.

“This old crown is really bothering me.”

In addition to checking for signs of tooth decay, your Wilton doctor will also examine your old dental hardware to make sure everything is functioning as it should be. You may not even remember when you had that filling or crown placed, but you’ll know something’s off when it starts to wear as the years pass by. Early detection of worn dental work prevents further decay and breakage, and can only occur when you allow your dentist the chance to peek into your mouth.

“I feel like I just can’t keep my teeth clean.”

If you struggle to keep food particles and bacteria off of your back teeth, you’ll be happy to know that at Tyngtown Dental, we perform dental sealants for children and adults alike. They’re protective shields that are painted onto your back molars to shield those tricky surfaces from the things that cause decay.

Increase Your Oral Health In 2016

We’ve got an idea for your new year’s resolution: commit to your oral health by scheduling two dental checkups with your Wilton dentist. We’re here to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. Click here to book your appointment today!

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